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BBC Four - The Ascent of Man - Episode guide

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    The Ascent Of Man

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    Robert Wright. Albert Einstein. Fire and Fury. Michael Wolff. Origin Story. David Christian. Episode 10 - World within World This episode looks at the world inside the atom, tracing the history of the men and ideas that have made modern physics. Episode 11 - Knowledge or Certainty Jacob Bronowski talks about physics and and the clash of the pursuit of absolute vs. Episode 12 - Generation upon Generation This episode examines the complex code of human inheritance from the experiments of Gregor Mendel to the discoveries of today. Episode 13 - The Long Childhood This episode is a summing up of the various strands of thought that have been developed during the series, investigating man's growing self-knowledge.

    The Ascent of Man The Ascent of Man is a BBC documentary series written and presented by Jacob Bronowski, looking at human history through scientific and technological achievements from prehistoric era to the midth century. Origins: The Journey of Humankind This is an eight-part documentary series hosted by Jason Silva, tracing the pivotal innovations that make us modern. The part series was shot on 16 mm film. Quotations were read by actors Roy Dotrice and Joss Ackland. Apart from Bronowski, the only other named people appearing are the sculptor Henry Moore and Polish Auschwitz survivor Stefan Borgrajewicz.

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