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We tend to think not.

Crying a Bucket of Tears // More Happy Than Not // Buddy Read Review

Guest co-host Anthony Von Dessauer, creator of the popular podcast The Curse of Silverlake, joins Phil to discuss music preservation, art, the potential impacts of technology, and the stratified character of our society. How art gets commercially made and distributed is a contested domain. Luckily for us avid music lovers, an Archive. Join us as we explore the fuzzy boundaries of who produces, who consumes, and who profits when art becomes more widely available.

Somehow we managed to also talk about driverless trucks, peeing in a bottle, and a fantastic metal band Cyborg Octopus. We intended to talk about a 78rpm record project, we swear. This week we deep dive into the world of resilience. Who Is: Rob Kristoffersen? Who is Rob Kristoffersen? Do we really know? Can we say with any certainty? Is he a Canadia-phile someone who loves Canada?

Does he actually live in the woods probably, but maybe not? Many, many questions. We do know some things, so lets connect the dots. Cynicism in the Art Gallery. We get all up in the art on this episode. We get a walkthrough, you get one of our most cynical takes yet. Luckily, Emily Carr saved us from total despair.

That is, until we try to make sense of postmodern art. Really confusing. Blues filtered through a s' distortion, with a hint of s' rock.

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A voice full of blues and smoke. Drums that smash the permafrost. A bass that moves snowdrifts. Guitars that lash stronger than a boreal wind. The strength of the North, with the soul of blues and the energy of rock. Evil Can Evil, the nordic rock's ambassadors.

Broken Heart Collection Of Love Song - Sad Songs May Make You Cry - Greatest Beautiful Love Songs

Evil Can Evil is a Quebec City quartet founded in The band is made up of: JF, vocalist and guitarist, Math, drummer, Manuel, bassist and Seb, rhythm guitar. Through stories of dangerous women, broken hearts, identity crises, territorial dispossession and courageous snow plows, Evil Can Evil builds a universe breathing a new life into the tired stoner rock genre.

Stoner rock is dead, hail nordic rock. If Evil Can Evil doesn't make you want to dance, then you're more frozen than a mammoth prisoner of the Siberian soil. In this episode we offer up our resolutions and predictions for With a heartfelt round of confessions, we agree that being warm is worse than cold. We thank David Wagner for kindly allowing us to play a few songs. Computer Hash is the brainchild of David from the tiny town of Fenwick, Michigan. Computer Hash creates techno and experimental electronic music littered with a variety of original audio samples recorded on cassette tape, many over a decade ago.

Most of these audio samples are from various parties that David attended with cassette recorder in hand, ready to capture interesting drunken rants for future use in music. Recently, David has been working to promote and create new music under the Computer Hash umbrella. He releases music on his own label, Good Spirit Records. He has recently released a new studio album entitled Radio. Year in Review. From Trump and MeToo to the Phoenix pay system catastrophe and no more Sears holiday catalogues, we talk about key moments in politics and science, showing how was another year with far reaching impacts for all of us.

Semi-Intellectual Musings | Podbay

In what will become a yearly tradition, we close the episode by talking about all our podcast appearances, the interviews we did throughout the year, and the great folks we had the chance to meet. Happy New Year everyone. Be kind. From Toronto, ON, Canada, the sister act of Slammerkin combines electronic lo-fi synth waves, dreamy soundscapes, catchy bass riffs, and melodic vocals to paint sonic images that lead us on epic journeys.

Background to an outbreak

Holiday Traditions. We all celebrate the holiday season differently. From savory meat pies, to sugary cookies, to cups filled with rum and eggnog, they show how good food and good people make the holidays a special time of the year. During the second half of the show, Phil connects with friends of the podcast to talk about their holiday traditions.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Then get him to tell zombies stories. He does that really well too. Phil opens up about his life as an aspiring PhD, Matt tells us how to travel with a young one, and we debate the merits and demerits of compression socks and tourists. Yup, it got a little silly. Go figure. We do settle down and put on our serious faces to discuss how we, individually and collectively, experience space and time. Seen as social aspects of our world, how we experience space and time is highly dependant on the structures that surround us. However, we also have agency to navigate space and time, allowing for seemingly endless opportunities.

With a different view of space and time, is it possible to think about creativity, productivity, technological advancements, and dis abilities differently? Absurdities of Lit Class. That means their neural nets are out of alignment. Rough times. Luckily they had the chance to talk with Megan, co-host of Oh No!

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Lit Class. The discussion meandered around podcasting, life, politics, teaching, paper clips, literature and, finally, Franz Kafka. How Kafkaesk. Make sure to subscribe and follow Oh No! To be honest, most of the time we call it insert expletive of choice. Enough about weather. Be warned: some of the advice ain't easy to follow.

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  5. We laughed, we cried, we had a great time. This episode also has a big reveal Semi-Intellectual Musings is honoured to break the news. The Podstuff has a Facebook Group where people can go now and join to get more details and start nominating Podcasts! All Indie Podcasters and podcast lovers can join! Jung Follow PodernFamily Podmosphere and 2PodsADay on Twitter and Facebook for the best in indie podcasts. Musically, poetically, socially, personally, Gord Downie was always more than the frontman for The Tragically Hip: he was a Canadian icon. This is part 1 of our chat. Be sure to check out the second part of our conversation, talking about politics and sports, on The Skip and Josh Podcast. You can find that episode everywhere you listen to podcasts. If you like the archive and want to keep it going, please consider making a donation. So my function in anything I do is to help bring people closer in. The good news about having to spend winter inside, which is almost 9 months of the year where we live, is that we can finally get back to our table top games.

    And what better way to start the gaming season than with a special guest for our very first SIMply A Chat episode. We talked homebrew table top games, collective storytelling and so, so much more. We even played a game of Friend or Foe that may well warn everyone of the evil that lurks among us.

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    Or not. Geek, Fanboy, Comedy Rock Star, he does it all. And if you like this song or any others of his, buy them here As in send him money for his damn hard work, c'on folks!! Do Androids Dream of Blade Runner? Recorded outside on October 25th before the weather gets too cold. In with the cool kids. Men of their time. In the know So that meant, obviously, talking about one of the most anticipated movie releases this year: Blade Runner Dir. Denis Villeneuve. Matt took one for the team and went to the cinema to see it on on the big screen.