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When he receives a desperate phone call telling him that Benji is in trouble, he wants to ignore it but he can't. Despite everything, he still has feelings for Benji. Kody is a rogue lion working for the council enforcing their rules. When he receives a call from Alpha Stellan to go check on Benji, a man that disappeared three years ago, Kody agrees. What he finds when he arrives is a mess so terrible he has nothing left to do but call in the alpha, especially when Kody learns that both Benji and Stellan are his mates. Ukaguzi Sera ya Maoni.

Man In The Middle Siren Publishing Menage Amour Manlove Glenn Stormy Download

Flowing text, Google-generated PDF. Carte Paperback. Carte Paperback — 20 Apr Economic dec. Carte Paperback — 22 Apr Carte Paperback — 08 Dec Carte Paperback — 19 Jun Carte Paperback — 26 Jun Carte Paperback — 05 May Carte Paperback — 28 May Carte Paperback — 10 Apr Carte Paperback — 21 Apr Carte Paperback — 17 Mar Carte Paperback — 10 Feb Carte Paperback — 06 Feb Carte Paperback — 27 Feb Carte Paperback — 07 Jan Carte Paperback — 16 Jan Carte Paperback — 26 Jan Carte Paperback — 29 Jan Okay, Benji was getting incredibly aroused from this as well.

He never in his life had two handsome men begging him, and he wanted this moment to last a little longer. He bit his bottom lip as he smiled at Kody.

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He yelped when Kody grabbed him under his arms and pulled him up his body. There was too much delicious male surrounding him for Benji to argue about a damn thing—now out of bed, that was a different story. Benji stiffened for a moment, but Kody cupped his face, smiling into the kiss. Benji nodded, groaning when Kody reached between them and grabbed his cock, giving it a squeeze. He felt a dry hand rub up and down his back as Stellan scissored his fingers, stretching Benji for a long-awaited claiming.

He shuddered as Stellan grazed his prostate.

Hell yeah, he was enjoying it. Benji wanted more.

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It still hurt to think about it, but he was working through that. One day at a time. Benji swallowed and then parted his lips, moaning as the taste of Kody exploded across his lips. He drank in the pre-cum, drawing it out as his tongue swirled around the head, trying his best to get every drop that he could. He never thought to feel such wild pleasure in his life. He was glad it was his mate who took his virginity, but damn, this should have happened sooner! Kody spread his legs farther apart as Benji tried his best to take the large cock deeper into his mouth. He glanced up to see Kody watching him, his lips parted and his eyes hooded with lust.

Benji grinned and sucked Kody harder. Riojos and Collin were lovers, partners, and best friends. When Collin is killed in a senseless car accident, Riojos is sent into a drunken stupor. Their lives change forever when Collin comes home…from the morgue. Collin has always heard a low buzzing in his head, but when the buzzing turns to voices, Collin must make sense of the path his life has taken.

Coming back to life throws him into a world he never knew existed as his lover, Riojos, tries desperately to keep Collin alive. They discover the love they have for one another runs deeper than anything they could have ever imagined as the wicked hunt them down and a phoenix rises. Bright fluorescent lights glared down at him from the ceiling above. Collin shielded his eyes with his hand as he blinked several times, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the blaring light.

Once he could see without his eyes throbbing, Collin dropped his hand and glanced around. He was lying down on something hard and cold. He knew that at least. The second thing he knew was that the room he was in was fucking freezing-ass cold. Collin turned his head to try and surmise where he was currently at when he saw a small piece of yellow paper sticking out of the edge of the next table over.

He gasped again and jackknifed up from the table, the sheet falling away as he looked around the room. That stupid piece of paper was attached to a toe. Collin started to hyperventilate. He pressed his hand against his chest and tried to breathe normally. He could feel his heartbeat rapidly beating. He had a freaking heartbeat! Why was he in a morgue, though? What happened? Where was Riojos? Was he here, too, under another one of these white sheets? And why was everything fucking white? The walls, the floors, the ceiling, the sheets? Everything was fucking white!

Now Collin knew why he was so damn cold. And what baffled him even further was the fact that he was lying on one of the exam tables. There were two other tables, and people who were completely nude, not even a sheet to cover them, occupied both. One had a bluish tint to his body. He had to be dead.

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Collin gulped and began to shake as he looked down when he felt something pinching at the circulation in his toe. Oh god. He had a toe tag on as well. He remembered leaving the restaurant with Riojos, but it kind of went fuzzy after that. Collin jumped down off of the metal table, his knees nearly giving out as he grabbed the edge of the table for stability.

His fingers curled around the cold metal as Collin waited out the light-headedness. How long had he been lying there? As the dizziness subsided, Collin noticed one crucial thing. He was naked. Feeling the panic setting in, he looked around, trying to find something to cover his nudity so he could get the hell out of there.