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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Jack Rane Bo the Shoe Duster is a story about a boy who grew up in a place always feeling like he didn't belong. Jack Rane Bo embarks upon an unforgettable journey and along the way meets life long friends, discovers amazing places, encounters monsters and devils which he fights and conquers. He will finally find what he was looking for in the most unexpected place Join Jack Rane Bo on his adventure as you read this enchanting story!

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In the title story, Kirk wrenches and wrecks hot rods, and goes to school. Those who recall the s culture of muscle cars and motorcycles will grin at the moto-craziness and the mostly harmless hooliganism of the era. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing.

LWRider , May 2, I own Road Dog Publications , a publishing imprint dedicated to motorcycling and adventure travel. This imprint was started in and is growing. We now have 11 books available with five more in the works currently May We strive to be a true "partner" with adventure travel writers and make it possible for them to share their stories. We are always looking for new authors.

Look at the "Authors Wanted" link at the website for more information. This discount is only good for books bought on our website. If you prefer instead to order from Amazon, all these titles are also available there. Below is a list of the books currently on offer. From our own Brent "Capt. Crash" Allen Capt. Here are his thoughts about riding and life, and how they combine, told in a lighthearted tone.

Each chapter is short and the author can be very entertaining at times. One of the easiest books I have ever read on a subject that the author obviously thinks is important. After reading this book it seems odd that there are not more like it since this seems like the best way to look at you and your life as a motorcyclist without getting unnecessarily serious about it. If you like the "Captain Crash" motorcycle instructional videos on YouTube, this is a "must read". Crash brings humor, a wonderful perspective on life and his passion for riding to this book. You get to know the guy under the helmet and you will find out why his videos are so entertaining and instructive.

Read it. From Kirk Swanick: A Tale of Two Dusters and Other Stories "In this collection of tales, Kirk Swanick tells of growing up a gear head behind both the wheels of muscle cars and the handlebars of motorcycles and describes the joys and trials of riding" 5 Stars— fun read Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I had a good time with this book.

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It reminded me of growing up around cars. My friends and I took a similar path. I want to start putting my car back together but then I would have to stop playing with all the project bikes. Finally, she took a leap of faith, flew to the US, and began the adventure of a lifetime—riding solo from Boston to LA on a Triumph Bonneville.

Zoe Cano was one of those dreamers, but unlike the rest of us, she really did it. And not only did she do it, she had the good sense to write about it, so the rest of us dreamers could experience it all with her.

Luckily, she is as skilled at describing her trip as she was at completing it. She faced many obstacles, large and small, along her journey from east coast to west. Some were minor inconveniences, others were major challenges, but she describes them all in an equally engaging way that really conveys a sense of time and place, a sense of being right there with her, that makes this book an enjoyable and involving read. I grew up in an era when the greatest adventure one could imagine was the one that lay around the next bend during a long road trip; this book has rekindled that spirit in me.

I own a Triumph Bonneville almost identical to the one Zoe rode across America, but my longest trip to-date is probably equal to one of her "short days" during her trip. Reading her book has inspired me, however, to plan a longer sojourn once the snow leaves--not because it describes an always idyllic experience, but rather because it doesn't.

A Tale of Two Dusters and Other Stories

Some of "Bonneville Go or Bust" shares Zoe's fears and failures attention all non-expert riders: be sure to read of Zoe's experience at the famed Deal's Gap! That Zoe faced these kinds of challenges and overcame them is far more inspiring to me than the typical macho tale of canyon carving or triple-digit speed runs. Her book describes in detail many of the interesting people and places she got to know on her trip, so also succeeds as a travelogue. It is perhaps most focused, though, on what she learned about America and about herself, and she shares her discoveries in a way I found entertaining and extremely readable.

Speaking of readable, when I bought this book it was only available in electronic format; that I read the entire thing on my tiny iPhone screen in two days time is perhaps the greatest testament to my enjoyment of it. Hats off helmets off? Zoe has a great way of capturing both the spirit of the ride and what she sees and feels along the way.

Well worth the read. It's a good recommendation. It's a worthwhile addition to any collection of long-distance motorcycle rider tales. The author Isabel is the pillion passenger on a trip from the northernmost Alaska to the bottom of South America, on an elderly air-cooled BMW. She very ably relates the trials and tribulations of the trip without making it seem like whining often the problem with this sort of book.

Product description

She managed to keep the tale interesting and move it along quickly with the highlights of the tale standing out nicely. The ending is in the title - and is the frosting on the cake. I realized that one common dream that we all share is that of integrating our motorcycling lives with our working lives and everyday lives — and these stories all illustrate successful paths that others have followed.

It reinforces my belief that every person can find his or her own path in life, and that having a passion — like motorcycling — can help to guide the way. Along the way, he discovers the beauty of North America and the kindness of its people. Truly a MUST read!! I felt like I was a part of the journey, and finished the book in 2 nights