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The Octagon librarians struggled to engage their local readers and at the same time discipline their reading diets. Nevertheless, Black implies that East End male readers are easier to accommodate than their counterparts. The educational mission of the Octagon surfaces in another article in The Echo on the role of a lady librarian: It should be a part of her duty to read and explain books, say, once a week, to any girls who choose to listen […].

It is not enough to plant working girls in a library and expect them to get any profit of pleasure out of reading unless the books are carefully written for them and they themselves helped a little to understand better books, so that they ultimately read them of their own accord. Everything else was shut up, no one about […]. I fear the gigantic scheme is a gigantic failure.

Except the Reading-Room. The British Museum signified a space for women intellectuals and activists and writers to congregate in public.

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Taken together, these poems imagine the East End street as a space of urgent, vital connections, both deadly violent and intensely passionate. Whose else that motion and that mien? Whose else that airy tread? For one strange moment I forgot My only love was dead. Both poems do exploit the geographical coding of the East End with violent crime, prostitution, opium den intoxication, and social unrest, traces of which circulate — whether humorously or threateningly — in accounts of public libraries.

Yet the poem affiliates this East End geography with love, not violence, with porous borders rather than insuperable chasms. Nevertheless, Constance Black and her colleagues did engage directly with Mile End users of the library. If Black and her co-librarians seem to project their aspirations and values onto their local readers, even so they describe ongoing, actual encounters in this heterogeneous exterior space.

Bernstein, S. Bernstein SD. Bernstein, Susan David. Open Library of Humanities is a registered charity in England and Wales Registered company number Start Submission. X close. Abstract By the s, the Reading Room of the British Museum in Bloomsbury provided opportunities for networking, writing, and reading among many middle-class women including Amy Levy, Eleanor Marx, and Clementina and Constance Black. How to Cite: Bernstein, S. Published on 02 Jan Peer Reviewed. They used the Reading Room as an office, or a public space for professional work, only a short distance from their homes.

Whether such a dress code was implicitly enforced, Stallybrass exploits the irony of exchange-values in this story, even observing that both the overcoat and the paper Marx needed for his research there were composed of the same material, cotton rags. Eleanor Marx exploits a different exchange value in her letter of application. Black resigned her post in summer , just prior to her marriage to Edward Garnett in August.

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At that point, Dymond completed the catalogue which was printed in September. Here she was surrounded by familiar reformers and philanthropists, including her sister Kate and her husband, and Olive Dymond, the sub-librarian at the Octagon, as well as a former student from Newnham, like Black and Levy. Figures Fig. Endnotes 1. Back to context Both are reprinted in The Romance of a Shop , ed. Michie Burlington: Ashgate, , pp. Cass R. Sunstein, Republic.

Rosamund Pike Time-Lapse Filmography - Through the years, Before and Now!

Walkowitz, City of Dreadful Night , pp. Nichols, Handbook , p. MS The letter is dated 15 October Applications for Reading Room Tickets, —, Vol. II, Add. The letter is dated 13 April Further references to this edition will be given after quotations in the text and prefixed SC. Odell, jun. At the time he wrote the novel, he was serving as secretary to the Palestine Exploration Fund.

See Joyce, Capital Offenses , p. A biographical note on Amy Levy associates Levy and her father as secretary and organizer of the Beaumont Fund. Emma Francis also discusses how this mistaken identity offered one piece of false evidence that some scholars drew on to claim Levy was active in socialist reform like her friends. Joyce, Capital Offenses , p. Quoted in Olive Garnett, Tea and Anarchy! The Bloomsbury Diary of Olive Garnett , ed. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk.

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