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It includes their cognitive ability, how flexible and efficient they are at learning, and their "emotional intelligence", such as their social skills and resilience in the face of stress. It therefore conditions how well an individual is able to contribute effectively to society, and also to experience a high personal quality of life" The Foresight Project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing promotes mental capital initiatives in the population and in the healthcare system.

The project tracks the implications of future challenges to our mental development along the life span and is intended to inform policy-makers both in the United Kingdom and around the world During the last 30 years QoL has been a booming area in medicine and played a central role in understanding the contextual factors of disease and illness. Paradoxically, new perspectives on QoL have led to a shift of interest from the s simple indexes of QoL and from the generic and disease-specific QoL instruments, to an integrated perspective of individual wellbeing and its different components, including happiness, and functioning and disability.

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To some extent, the broader interest on health as a complex phenomenon has challenged the classical concept of HRQoL and facilitated the development of the broader field of HrWB, where different groups of models coexist and overlap clinical, public health, economical, psychosocial and cultural, biopsychological, integrative. From a health terminology point of view it would be better to name this construct "Health related Being", but the term wellbeing is extended and it will be difficult to change. From a dimensional perspective, health related wellbeing is an overarching construct characterised by asymmetrical polarity, where wellbeing embeds the concept of "ill-being" as health incorporates de concept of disease.

A comprehensive conceptual map of a series of health related "meta-categories" wellbeing, health condition, human functioning, disease, disability, etc. Ideally, this mapping should include operational consensus-base definitions, the conceptual hierarchy of these entities and the granularity of their different domains, dimensions and facets. Although health ontology may shortly allow convergence of diverse approaches in this area, different meanings for the same concepts, and different names for related concepts will inevitably persist.

Under these circumstances it becomes essential to understand the origin, evolution and current use of the different terms by different disciplines and professionals, and to build a "synset" formal grouping of synonyms and semantically similar terms that may facilitate both transfer across different sectors and semantic interoperability for care management and planning. Recently a similar "polynomic-polysemic" approach has been suggested for the use of the terms 'intellectual disability' and 'intellectual developmental disorders' in the health and social sectors Colquhoun D.

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Subjective Well-Being: Your Life, Your Happiness -

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Want to grow your well-being? Here are the skills you need.

Report on the British health services: a survey of the existing health services in Great Britain, with proposals for future development. London: Political and Economic Planning; Horder T. Health with happiness - Lord Horder's speech at Leeds. BMJ ; 2: Tejada de Rivero DA.

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Tech Hosp Med Soc Sanit. Linder FE. The health of the American people. Sci Am ; 6 : Bradburn NM. The structure of psychological wellbeing.

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    6. Cancer ; 67 3 Suppl : Quality of life measurement in the economic analysis of mental health care. Quality of life in mental disorders, 2nd ed.

      Radiant Self: A Guided Visualization for Good Health, Find Your Natural Well-Being Spoken Meditation

      Foundations of cost-effectiveness analysis for health and medical practices. N Engl J Med ; 13 : The social value of a QALY: raising the bar or barring the raise? Footsteps on the road to a positive psychology.