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  1. The Challenge of Jesus' Parables (McMaster New Testament Studies)
  2. The Challenge of Jesus' Parables (McMaster New Testament Studies) - PDF Free Download
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But, however absurd it may appear to one who has any reason, it has that strong argument which is, of all others, the most weighty with the large majority of the people, which is, that the learned Dr.

The Challenge of Jesus' Parables (McMaster New Testament Studies)

So-and-so said it. Since we are forbidden to acknowledge any man as "father upon the earth" Matt. The circumstances connected with the time are as follows: " As soon as the Peloponnesians heard of the ruin of Leonidas and his party at Thermopylae, they assembled at the isthmus all the force they could collect from their different cities, under the conduct of Cleombrotus. Having stationed themselves, therefore, at the isthmus, and having blocked up the Scironian Way, they then, as they determined on consultation, built a wall across the isthmus.

At the completion of this wall, Cleombrotus "conducted back from the isthmus the detachment which had con, structed the wall. He had brought them back because, whilst offering a sacrifice to determine whether he should attack the Persians, an eclipse of the sun had happened. We find, therefore, that the particular place at which this eclipse was seen was at the isthmus in Greece.

The time was after the construction of the wall,-hence in the spring of the second year of the Persian War: for, early in the spring, "when Alexander arrived at Athens, this work was not completed, although, from terror of the Persians, they eagerly pursued it. The spring of the second year of the Persian War was in the first year of the Olympic games.

Since we have not only the place at which this eclipse was seen, and the year of the Olympic games, but also the exact season of the year during which it was seen, this becomes another very important eclipse. We will, therefore, once more give Ptolemy's canon a trial. According to Ptolemy, the reign of Xerxes began with the year B.


The Challenge of Jesus' Parables (McMaster New Testament Studies) - PDF Free Download

The spring of the first year of the Olympic games after the beginning of his reign was B. No eclipse was seen in Greece during the limits of this time. If Ptolemy's advocates now refuse to yield, do they not show an unwillingness to acknowledge the truth, even when the judgment has been fully convinced. Had these two eclipses of the sun been found, we would frankly acknowledge that Ptolemy's canon -at least up to the time Xerxes invaded Greece-was reliable. But since they have not been, we must either disbelieve Herodotus,.

We have already, in many different ways, exposed the error of Ptolemy's canon; and, under the head of " Chronology Established," we intend to prove the truthfulness of our historian by showing that each of the above-mentioned eclipses happened at the time Xerxes invaded Greece. But how have the supporters of Ptolemy's canon smoothed over this?

As if resolved that it shall stand, right or wrong, they have made it in the first,. His words are these: "without intermission, either by night or by day. As it was impossible for Cleombrotus to have conducted from the isthmus all those that worked on the wall, and yet there should have been no intermission, this eclipse cannot. It cannot be urged that Cleombrotus conducted portions of the men away and left others at work; for Herodotus says: " This wall was soon finished, as not one of so many thousands was inactive; for.

So those who place the eclipse in the first year of the war first contradict. Herodotus, and then place an eclipse where no historian says there was one. If the clause, "without intermission," be clipped out of the book of Herodotus, yet we can establish the time at which this eclipse happened; for Herodotus informs us that Cleombrotus "died very soon after having conducted back from the isthmus the army that had built the wall.

Now, it is impossible that he could have conducted from the isthmus those who had built the wall before the time the wall was built. And this wall was not finished when Alexander arrived at Athens Herod. If Cleombrotus conducted this army from the isthmus before the completion of the wall, at what time did he do it? Not before the battle of Salamis; for at that time, his army was yet there Herod. Neither could this eclipse have. But after the Persians had lift, no Persians were there to attack.

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What absurdities those who place this eclipse in the first year of the war are driven to! And yet, in S. Hales, this eclipse is placed in the first year of the war, thus: "B. For example: in the "Bible Companion" the battle of Salamis is dated on "the 20th of October. William Baloe says: "The festival of the mysteries of Ceres was celebrated on the 20th of the month Bo6dromion, which answers to our October. If Baloe is correct,-first, that the month "Boedromion answers to our October?

According to Herodotus, "the mysteries of Ceres" was celebrated on that year before the battle of Salamis. Is not this positive proof that the eclipse of the 2d of October, B.. And is not the error of Ptolemy now clearly exposed? The next eclipse of the sun recorded in history took place at the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, and is thus introduced by Thucydides: —" The same summer, at the beginning of a new lunar month the only time at which it appears possible , the sun was eclipsed after midday, and became full again after it had assumed a crescent form, and after some of the stars had shone out.

Bliss's catalogue put down thus: "B. This precisely corresponds with what is said of it by the historian. Having now traced Ptolemy's canon down to a point up to which it is by astronomical demonstration proven to be correct, it is unnecessary to go any farther; so we shall now go back and inquire as to whether we can settle the correct Bible chronology. BY the authority of that unerring Word of God from which "one jot or tittle" cannot "pass," we now intend to show the exact chronology of our Bible.

We shall establish our position by astronomy; and thus put to silence those who oppose, or at least meet them on their own ground: for none doubt the truth-testing power of astronomy. In Daniel ix. The book of Daniel was to remain sealed "until the time of the end;" and in ver. To make this clear, let the reader first call to mind that Daniel has informed us that this vision was not intended for his own information, and Peter has also reminded us of the same fact: "No prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation" 2 Pet.

With this light, it is plain that we are to receive that knowledge committed in charge to Daniel as something addressed to us, while Daniel is only the source through which that information is communicated: that is, we are to receive the words of the heavenly messenger, not as something addressed to Daniel individually, but something addressed to us collectively, while Daniel is our representative. In Daniel viii. And I heard a man's voice between the banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision.

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Through Daniel he says to us: " Understand, 0 son of man; for at the time of the end shall be the vision. After telling us that the beast which he had seen in the vision represented different kingdoms of the earth, he left, having only given us this much information, and told us that this vision was to reach to the "last end of the indignation. Hence, this much is all that any of us have ever been able to understand. How is this? Has the God of heaven been disobeyed? This is hard to believe; yet we are compelled to admit it, if Gabriel does not open to our understandings the mystery of this vision; for he and no other has been commanded to do it.

Let us, therefore, again consult our representative, and see if we can get any additional information. And he said, Go thy way, Daniel; for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. It is therefore useless to inquire further. We are here told to go our way; that these things. Until the time of the end,. But before the angel Gabriel left, he informed us that at the "time of the end should be the vision" viii.

We are, therefore, the very persons for whom the vision was intended: and if the "wise shall understand," may we not exercise faith to believe that Gabriel may yet obey the mandate of heaven, and open to us these things? Then where is our representative: for it is now time to awake out of sleep.

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He is searching books ix. Let us join him in prayer.